Nursery School And
Preschool Program

About Us

An educational readiness program for 3, 4 and 5 year olds.
Our curriculum is based on guidelines developed at Carnegie Mellon University Children’s School.

This preschool is non-denominational and open to children of all religions. Our pre-kindergarten program is aligned with curriculum necessary for entering kindergarten in Pennsylvania. Children will be placed in classes according to age and development.

Steering Committee

General planning and supervision of the preschool is done by a steering
committee composed of members of the Church, community and parents.


The co-op preschool is under the direction of fully qualified and experienced teachers in the field of early childhood education. The make all plans for classroom activities and learning experiences for the children and direct parents who assist in the classroom.

What does co-op mean?

Co-op means that in order to provide adequate materials, equipment and qualified teachers as the lowest possible tuition, parents offer their time and help. Co-op means cooperation of the parents with projects, parties, picnics and end of the year cleaning.

Parent’s Cooperation

For a child to attend this preschool at least one parent must do the following:

*attend orientation meeting in August
*make tuition payment by 1st of each month
*assist in classroom on assigned days
*provide snack 4 supplies when assigned